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Prescott Hill Climb 14th/15th May 2011 - 50th?


Silver Level Sponsor
We will have 2 Harringtons and at least one other Alpine in the Cleeve Rotary charity Hill Climb this year. There may be the possibility of having a special Sunbeam celebration as the organizers are aware that this is the 50th Anniversary of the 1961 Le Mans success. If any other H or Sunbeam owners would like to attend then we might put up a Club tent or booth in the general parking area beside the track. Please let me know if you would like ot attend and I'll act as a focus person. Could be a good excuse for a Harrington 50th!!!

The 14th May is a driving tour, the 15th is the Hill Climb and display. Glenn B


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Hi Glenn,

Where abouts is the event. I have a Harrington in resto and if not too far away would like to come and see the action and have a chat.


Lee Brogden

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We're giving this one some serious thought! Just have to see if it ties in with work commitments and family life etc.
Would be good to get a few cars together.


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Just a quick reminder, if you want to 'drive the hill' at this event you will have to register at the web site listed below. There are limited spaces.


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how many harrington owners do we have in the U.S. ? i know of eric g, bill a, and myself. who else?