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Recent content by SoCal'beaming

  1. SoCal'beaming

    Hydrodipping Dashboard

    Looks pretty darn nice! ... First I've heard of this process.
  2. SoCal'beaming


    Not complete but might be a start for someone ... no relation to seller...
  3. SoCal'beaming

    1963 Sunbeam alpine $3,150

    Hi Guy ... Some of us ol' timers aren't on "faceplant" but would like to see the cars listed. How 'bout posting the direct link to the car for sale? ... Thanks, David
  4. SoCal'beaming

    Series I - II hardtop wanted

    ...... And a white one https://forum.sunbeamalpine.org/index.php?threads/series-i-ii-factory-hardtop.32191/
  5. SoCal'beaming

    1953 Sunbeam Alpine

    Here's another one ...
  6. SoCal'beaming

    Series I/II Factory Hardtop

    I remember someone recently looking for one of these Looks to be in good shape and complete except rear window/rear trim. ... I have dealt with this seller once and he's a straight up guy...
  7. SoCal'beaming

    1963 SII Sunbeam Alpine

  8. SoCal'beaming

    1954 Sunbeam Alpine

  9. SoCal'beaming

    1960 Ford Escort Estate Wagon 100e Anglia UK Edition

  10. SoCal'beaming

    1963 Hillman Husky

  11. SoCal'beaming

    A couple of questions ..

    Thanks for the response ... I'll check it out ..... Was there a reason why they went to the larger/longer tubular ones? .... David
  12. SoCal'beaming

    A couple of questions ..

    Thanks! ... I thought the brackets (engine stiffeners) were for the later series ... will they work on them as well? ... The plastidip coating is something I already have and works great. ....... David
  13. SoCal'beaming

    A couple of questions ..

    Are these for the later series (1and2) ? .... and are the brackets rubber coated on the cantrail brackets (3and4)? ......Thanks, David
  14. SoCal'beaming

    1965 Bristol

    Saw this one and noticed the taillights .... are those Sunbeam lights? .... What's the connection between the two? https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/cto/d/clayton-1965-bristol-409-coupe-ultra/7646111410.html ..... David
  15. SoCal'beaming

    Two for the price of one

    That seems like a deal to me! .... Chicago.... Would not want to be there!