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West Coast Invasion: LOOK!

Ken Ellis

Donation Time
The lure of Indiana is strong, but I currently have work commitments that week...
My son and I went to the first Indiana Invasion, and the driving there was fantastic. Zipping through corn fields on great roads with no one else around, with each mile or so punctuated by a nice quick banked s-curve where (evidently) the surveyors decided things shouldn't quite match. Bad for commuters, great for Sunbeamers. (There's a reason Bill's car is "quickest from 20 to 80", as he can probably drive all day out there without shifting gears...)

Anyone passing thru Columbus on the way there, let me know...


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BEST AD for Friends in Sunbeams I've seen yet!

Ken, If there were to be an Award for The Best Ad you would be the winner:D

Just reading of the Driving thru the cornfields and the curves will test anyone's imagination;)


Tom H

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Here's a link to a description of the TE/AE event in Harrisburg PA that 65Beam posted a picture from:


I posted the link in the thread about Carlisle a few weeks ago. I happened to be in Harrisburg for a Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society annual meeting and found out about the BASH just a few days earlier. I did not register but stopped in for an hour just to see who all might be there and to grab a cup of coffee. I was surprised that about 25 people had registered. There were already about a dozen there before I left. Several people I knew from previous events and on-line activity. Nice event. I might have to plan for next one and drive my Alpine in.



Past President
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Hey guys. Let's star a new string dedicated to this event. If we need to refer back to it via search might be easier to find.

Tom H

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I see Kelly Mathis attended the event, but I don't see his V6 Alpine in any photos. What's up, Kelly?

BTW, Nick, see that I did start a new thread about the TEAE BASH.