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The Photo Contest is on!

Please pick your top 3 cars.

  • Sunbeam Tiger - Bill

    Votes: 19 47.5%
  • Sunbeam Alpine - Kim

    Votes: 30 75.0%
  • Sunbeam Alpine - John

    Votes: 25 62.5%
  • Sunbeam Rapier - Tony

    Votes: 26 65.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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OK here we go for 2012!
Please vote on the three top cars that you like, the winners will find their photo on our club calendar and custom membership posters.

The best of luck!

Car No. 1
Bill Atalla-web.jpg

Car No. 2
Kim Barnes-web2.jpg

Car No. 3
John Amoroso-web.jpg

Car No. 4
Tony Perrett-web.jpg

Please vote - you have two weeks and then the poll will close.

Bill Blue

Platinum Level Sponsor
Andrew, could you give us bigger photos? Even my car would look good in a photo that size!



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Ok Bill,
larger photos have been provided.


SAOCA Web/Graphics Service
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OK Guys,

I never seem to get a break. There is only so much space that can be used in a Poll for picture sizes and I do not what this to become a full time job. I will check it tonight and try to make the sizes of the photos the same and not go over the allowable space for posting.

I will do what I can.



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To all members, please try and vote as soon as possible.



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The owner of the white one should appreciate this. Prob could have posted it in the 'ebay finds' but not sure that thread would get the same individual's attention (sorry, forgot your name). Nice historic pic with pretty good provenance right there on the back. :) I will make another post with links to other interesting 'Beams on the craiglist/ebay section.


I love the bit about 'high efficiency heater' being an option.

The efficiency, of course, is in the amount of heat it RETAINS, not emits. ;)

tony perrett

Gold Level Sponsor
Congratulations to Kim for winning the Photographic Contest. Very well done! Thanks to Andrew for taking so much trouble in organising the contest which I am sure was enjoyed by us all and also to those who voted for our cars. Tony.


Donation Time
Thank you

Thank you, Andrew, for the work you did on the photo contest. "Tiffany" and I appreciate the votes and she looks forward to her debut as a "calendar girl."

Tiffany - Series III
Tigers I & II


Past President
Gold Level Sponsor
Congrats to the cars and owners selected. Also thanks to all the members who took the time to vote. Last go round we only had 17 vote. Nice turn out.