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Michael, spot on. I'm getting the twin DOCE goose neck Weber manifold. Apparently it was the "last one" from Procarb in Australia.

Bernd & Michael, the HLM's stage III+ tuning did provide for a special order from Hartwell for the twin 40 DOCE package (very rare). The III+ also increased the compression ration from 10.1:1 to 10.2:1. I will be building the 1592 engines with a 10.1:1 compression ratio. Thus, making highest and best use of the KB grind cam and the lightened components (flywheel/pressure plate - crank to balance lightened pistons and rods - lightened rocker system), the Vizard head with ported and polished intake/exhaust ports, the 4 into 1 header and the tuned distributor for mechanical advance. Good thing I'm retired otherwise I wouldn't have enough functional physical life left to personally do all my remaining projects.

Like I questioned. "LAST ONE" is false. They apparently have plenty as they are still advertising in USA and UK on Ebay. Continue to claim "LAST ONE."


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Bernd... Im not sure that the dcoe was part of stage iii.

Gooseneck is the warnerford/ redline style twin dcoe manifold that lifts the carbs higher and has a S profile in elevation of the intake runners.
Just to share what I have in terms of Harrington tuning options:


P.S. Look @ Stage III...


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Just for fun, did a quick check of the 2022 value of £100 in today's dollars.

Inflationtool.com gives that figure as $£2,100.86; in2013dollars.com states £2,559.79 today. Adjusting each number by a factor of 2.25 ( the above value was for £100, and a Stage III kit cost £225 ) means the Harrington Stage III option would cost between $4627.94 and $5759.52 in 2022. ( this casts currency valuation in an interesting light as well... )

That cost of upgrading, despite seeming pricey at first, is relatively inexpensive when compared to today's cost of additional power in an exotic car. For example a 2022 Porsche Boxster base model costs $65,500 while the S model, with its additional horsepower today costs a whopping $12,000 more, pricing at $77,500.

However, if you price out the work to recreate a Stage III engine at 2022 machine shop prices, the cost would likely come close if not outstrip the $12,000 price differential between the Boxster and Boxster S models. Removing an engine from an Alpine at a speed shop would cost close to $800 and the rebuild, including lightening the flywheel, balancing the clutch, flywheel and crankshaft assembly, adding new pistons, new valve springs, a new intake manifold, intake port matching and twin 40 DCOEs would result in a very hefty bill indeed.

Revisiting the performance level at which the Harrington Alpine was offered by the Rootes Group is an interesting exercise in itself. The Stage III Harrington offered the highest level performance in a Sunbeam in its day.

These calculations pale, however, when considered in light of the fact that, for less money than a Stage III Harrington Alpine, capable of a projected ( but never proven ) 115 mph, one could purchase a Jaguar XKE coupe capable of more than 140 mph. Such was the genius of William Lyons of Jaguar, and such were the vagaries of the British car market in the 'swinging 60's'.


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I will have the 2022 tally as the Naomi HLM matching numbers engine and the #41 Sebring Alpine racing engine builds are getting closer to completion. Stage III configuration will be about 115 HP and 130 HP (the dyno test will clarify) respectively.

As for the XKE. I just purchased a MK II project with a newly built XKE engine (265 HP) for $7500 + $300 for transport fuel. This appears to be a descent buy.

It should be interesting when I finalize comparisons with the power to weight ratios.
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