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New information on Promotional Harrington Le Mans


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Incredible contact over this past weekend. A sports car enthusiast, Richard, reached out to Jim Stone, our President, about trying to find Greg Vederoff, the original owner/race driver of my Promotional Harrington Le Mans. Via their communication I was able to have a phone conversation with Richard. The highlights of the conversation follow:

1) Richard was an aero-engineering classmate of Vederoff at the University of Washington in the early 1960s.
2) Richard and a fellow classmate started a U of W sports car club.
3) Vederoff raced a Porche with pretty good success, thus, Richard teamed up with Vederoff to be a pit crew member
4) As a result of the Rootes group winning the 1961 Thermal Index Efficiency Award at 24 hours Le Mans the Promotional Harrington Le Mans (PHLM) was made.
5) Vederoff figure this would be a good replacement for his Porche
6) Richard was there with the purchase (from a Datsun/sports car dealership in Tacoma, WA) and further developments in race prepping this PHLM
7) When Vederoff wanted a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) for the PHLM he, with Richard, went to the Rootes Dealership in Seattle, WA. They provided a Serial number and the pricing.
8) Vederoff thought the pricing was way to high. He did notice that the Serial number was a Studebaker part number.
9) Vederoff and Richard went to the Studebaker dealership and ordered a 1962 Studebaker Lark LSD. The same LSD the Rootes group in the USA was selling as an "factory option" for all HLMs.

Along with many other enhanced historical understandings Richard elevated my happiness quotient. I was able to share a 1962 photo of Vederoff and two young men at Westwood race track in Vancouver, British Columbia. Richard filled in the identity of the two individuals with Vederoff I did not know. Indeed, it was Richard and his brother! Richard shared so much more and I'm thankful for this site and the sports car community that still has octogenarians, like Richard, willing and able to share first person accounts of past events.

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Jerry, my congrats on this important " historic puzzle piece find" on your PHLM. Other than that I'ld be rather interested to learn more about that Studebaker Lark LSD Option. Google didn't bring up much...


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Here s what I found at https://www.hagerty.com/media/car-profiles/studebakers-compact-good-value-today/:

For 1962–63, Studebaker spun eight different models off the Lark platform, including a two-door sedan; hardtop and Daytona hardtop; a convertible and Daytona convertible (109-inch wheelbase); a four-door sedan and well-appointed Cruiser; and a station wagon (113-inch wheelbase). Startling features included a Skytop sunroof, front Power-Grip disc brakes (a first for American cars), a Supercharged Jet-Thrust V-8 with up to 290 horsepower (more than a 1962 AC Cobra 260), a limited-slip differential, and the ambitious Daytona Wagonaire. This evolution of the previous wagon featured a sliding rear roof panel, dramatically increasing storage capacity and allowing “open-air” motoring or glamping under the stars.

It is called a twin traction option for the Studebaker advertisement. Apparently a Spicer-Dana 44 with limited-slip.

Limited slip

Standard Alpine rear end.jpg
Standard Alpine
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Great info Jerry, and nice to get some additional history on the car.

Re the Studebaker LSD there was a fair amount of discussion and info about the development of this unit by Doane Spencer for Rootes in the older iteration of the forum between Jarrod Gross and Ian ( when he was stripping the Kimes racer) if you haven't seen those threads might be worth seeing if they are in the old forum archive


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Michael, I have read them all and then some. Doane Spencer comes up often because he did a lot of engineering/fabricating for many facets of the 50s, 60s and 70s racing entities. I have a couple of Spencer's LSDs and they are of a different design. When Ian was processing this in the earlier days of SAOCA he had limited access to information because there just wasn't, and still isn't, very many LSD units around for the Sunbeam Alpine. The Baugh was a unit from the UK. Very similar to my PHLM's LSD.