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HLM Headers


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1962 HLM. Fixed all the leaks in the engine as best we could, then realized the trans and OD were leaking just as much. Pulled the engine, and going through the trans/OD with new seals, needle bearings and gaskets, and new synchro rings (amazing that they are still available after all these years- thanks Curt!) The headers were previously wrapped, and when examined closely while out of the car, at least one pinhole, and a rusted out collector. Collector is available in SS from Rick, but no luck on finding replacement headers. Emails to three English sources got no responses, may try a phone call. If no luck there, would coating the headers be of value in sealing up the thin metal? If so, any recommendations that won't take six months to get back? Thanks, David
Bad luck, but almost every owner appearantly has to go through similar hardships ;-)

Coating wouldn't help for a durable header pinhole repair. Would advise you to go for either careful gas welding or brazing...
A ceramic coating will protect the headers and help with engine bay temps and more efficient running....but before you coat them you need to blast them clean and fix them.

Carefully weld any holes and cracks.. ( easy to blow through new holes) the. Dress the welds and clean all areas.

Then have them coated inside and out .. then heat cycle them on the car shortly after to cure them properly.