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Hardtop color?

I painted Marie's Alpine Top body color for these reasons:

-I live in So Cal, It gets HOT, Black is Hotter!

-I painted the car, painting the Top at the same time also insures a matching color.

-I can paint it Black any time, and not worry about color match.

-Black is a pain to keep clean.



Never having had a hardtop, I've not given too much thought about what color.

My thoughts, take as you will.

If painted black, most observers will think it's a "sports car." If painted body color, then it's a touring car because it appears "more formal" with the matching paint.

If you're not too concerned about factory "directives," then you might consider Bill's suggestion of cream. Only I'd be a bit more specific and suggest Rootes "Foam White" #8 (Some call it Foam Gray.) Moonstone might work, depends on your chosen red along with the desired contrast between the two.

For some strange reason, I seem to have a penchant for red and white.
For some strange reason, I seem to have a penchant for red and white.
Most of the factory British Rally teams ran red with white roof cars.. Healey, Mini, Tiger and then the same factory teams tended to run BRG with white tops for circuit racing.
Not that it matters at this point, but I prefer the matching colors in person. Very sharp looking. In person, I think the black ones kind of look less fancy so to speak. My bigger point is that things in pictures are often not quite what they are in person. In fact, in pictures, I prefer the early rounder hardtops. In person, I like the later hardtops much much better.

Consistent with that, my S3 has at matching hard top and I particularly like the S3 combo of pointy fins and later hardtop. Fully restored, perfectly matching, zero rust.

That all said, I think it's been on the car twice in the last 25 years. So this is a discussion without value!
Thanks for your input, Jay! As much as I've made my decision to go with matching, I still appreciate the feedback from you and the other folks!

Here's the top as it stands today, fully media blasted.


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Red and black is a classic color combo. My Alma Mater's colors. Go Aztecs!!
But for a Sunbeam I prefer matching colorsTiger.jpg
It's resale black on my car,
Or has it been put that way. One day when I decide to drive in those 50% rainy days I may put one on . But I cheat and have a black car.
White is best for visibility and surprising not to see the mini style checkered flag on some. I worked with my upholstery guy to add a layer of insulation found in MBZ rag tops , but I also have AS1 rear window and tempered side glass. All together I'd rather have a zip out rear window in a soft top then anything else looks are secondary to being comfortable.
Warren, where did you get the rear glass? I do have tempered glass side windows for this top - they were salvaged from another top I owned - but I’d love to improve upon what will ultimately become a hazy rear window.
Alpine 64 (Michael),

I did like driving your sweet ride without the top on Australia's "Great Ocean Road" in 2014. Thanks for the lasting memories.

Cruising Australian countryside.jpgGreat Ocean Road 2.jpg
A Tiger owner had a glass shop in North Hollywood/Burbank.
He did movie car screens with special lens apertures. I have tried to get the mold from the new owner but struck out. As for the hard top Steve A. said that the paint on the gutter trim makes it harder to get it back on. But at some time I may get it back on the car. There was 14 or so sets made locally.
I have been slowly working on a new hardtop for my series 2 with the plan to powder coat it white or black, I already have a white one. But after seeing it media blasted I started thinking maybe it would look good the same silver as the wheels, am just not sure if it will look like I bought a hardtop from a silver car.