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Fun Alpine Pictures


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The 1st-gen Mustang fastback and the 2nd-gen Corvair (behind the Mustang in the picture) were both introduced as 1965 models in September of 1964.

The Chateau Marmont "hotel" (where John Belushi died) is still there on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood.
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When I see an Antenna or mirror mounted on a fender like that, I'm glad I don't need to work on it.

1967-8 Mustang there.



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The dual tone light blue minx convertible is certainly striking... A couple of nice alpines and a rapier too.

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I am posting this in multiple places on the forum, but I want to start the ball rolling on the 2025 calendar a plea for more calendar photos. In the past, we've not gotten started on the new calendar until late in the year, which creates quite a strain for Eric and Greg. Greg because he has to hustle fitting editing the photos (no small task!) into all of the end of year/holiday season jobs the rest of us have. Eric because he has to assemble the membership packets, go to the post office during the busiest time of the year and mail out hundreds of packets during a very short time frame.

Both Eric and Greg have said that the calendar is the worst part of their "SAOCA year", entirely due to the last minute nature of the task. And I am sure all of us would love to have the calendar on our shop walls on January 1st, so this is a win-win! Please send your Alpine photos to Eric or Greg now! Let's make the 2025 calendar the best and most timely ever!