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Fun Alpine Pictures


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Sunbeam flashing the Batman signal..


Bill Blue

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Looks like a very nice drive. We have some roads here that are like that, but shorter. Still fun and I take them whenever possible, regardless of what I'm driving.


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Just took these today. First drive after fitting the hardtop! I bought this 63 series 2 in May....

Always wanted a Sunbeam - must have been because of Get Smart Reruns! It worked...I was a CIA Ops officer for a career.....


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Wow! CHUM 1050. Best AM radio station in the 60's. And the O'Keefe Centre, Took my wife there on our first date. saw Engleburt Humperdink with the Carpenters as his opening act.
Great memories, thanks for posting.


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Picture from the 60’s of Canada’s Air Force, (RCAF), aerobatics team, the Golden Hawks, in front of the CL-13 Sabre jets they flew. I do not know what Series this Alpine is


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Great photo! I tweaked it a bit for you. Looks like a Series I to me... the door side window trim seems consistent.

On edit... I found the original of that photo... very cool! The (erroneous) caption of the photo is "The RCAF Golden Hawks Aerobatic Team at RCAF Station Sea Island to fly at exhibition and fairs in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They were joined for a photo op by the owner of this Sunbeam Tiger in their colour scheme."


Given that Alpine was in "their colour scheme" one can only assume it was this color... must have looked pretty nifty!



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Given that Alpine was in "their colour scheme" one can only assume it was this color... must have looked pretty nifty!
It's not my best work, but here's how it might've looked.


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Saw my first Alpine in Toronto as winter was clearing early 61. We lived on Dufferin St. it was Red.