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Floor repairs

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by Lester, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. weaselkeeper

    weaselkeeper Silver Level Sponsor

    Well, since I'm currently up to my neck in floor replacment, I'll jump in. My floor had two thumb sized holes under the gas pedal, a few pin holes in the pass side floor pan and obvious surface rust everywhere else. When I started poking and proding, I found LOTS more weak areas that a screw driver could penetrate without much difficulty. I estimated this project would set me back about four months. I've used that four months already and am about to finish the second of the four sections. This time also included the trans tunnel mod for the T-5. So, end of summer is my new get well date, just for the floors. Jan was honest with me about the level of difficulty and I'm glad. When the interior goes in, it can stay in and I won't have to think about the holes under my feet every time I drive it. I won't have to cring if it starts raining while driving it. The project is a pain in the a*s, time consuming, but I think worth it to gain a sound car. Having said that, everyone has a right to his own decision.

    BTW, Lester, I'll be in OK City later this summer. maybe I can check in and see how you're doing. Speaking of Oklahoma.....Go BSU Broncos. ;)


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