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Early Harrington Alpine


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Hi, David.... Yes it will be quite an undertaking to just put it back roadworthy. A "restoration" will be a huge chore.

I would like to see the area not shown by removing the doors for a full disclosure.....

I have one Azure Blue Alpine with some of the same damaged areas under the A Post. What happens in that area is a buildup of thrash seeping down thru the upper panels and trapping water in a perfect environment for the destruction of metal.

The Green1 (Sam's Car) has rust in the same portion of the X frame. I am having a new X Frame (exact duplicate) fabricated by my Engineer Draftsman Buddy. It will also be modified with some "drain" holes to allow the removal of foreign matter and water which causes our Alpines such damage. Here's fair warning to Alpine Owners.... make some holes in the X Frame and save your vehicle....Tim has some good UTube videos on the subject.

Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger: Draining the Body Shell (Part 1)

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Saw this on Ebay.uk. States it is based on a Series 1 Alpine, and made in 1959. Looking at the Harrington registry, two Harrington Alpines were built on Series 1 chassis, and only one was built in 1959. B9000644, built 10/9/59. Quite an ambitious restoration project, and unclear whether drive train or some of the other difficult bits are included.


I think what should be noted is the alpine its based on was built in 1959.. The car was converted by harrington later... Clearly as the Harrington wasnt offered till sii production


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I belive its KRU the earliest body... But as I've said i assume its a conversion someone had done....
Unless they used an existing 2nd hand alpine as a prototype?


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Jerry Logan and I went to see this car last week It's simply not possible to prove when the conversion was done. Jerry was happy with the body numbers. There is evidence that the work was somewhat experimental as the rear seat/bootlid panel remains in the car as well as the additional Harrington panel that supports the rear of the Harrington top and the new bootlid hinge position. It is definitely a Harrington piece of work. So it COULD be a very early conversion. I'm going to leave it at that. The owner places some importance on it being the earliest Harrington conversion - but we can't prove it is or it isn't. The fact is that it merits its position as the first car in the registry by chassis number. The car was known to Jan as lost/unknown and we should celebrate its re-discovery.


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Quite a find then and appearantly the earliest known Harrington conversion. Ebay lists it as unsold, but the Harrington Homepage talks about a new owner resto. Sounds as if Jerry bought it :) Anyway, thanks for the update...
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Met the new UK owner last weekend - nice guy. Think the project is in good hands, when seeing with how much attention to the detail the gearbox was already tackled (dip stick box/early shift mecha extension, etc.)...


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Any further word o this Harrington, its owner, or the progress being made in restoration?