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Wooo Hooo - SAOCA T-Shirts!

jack Bacon

Donation Time
Woooooo Hooooo - SAOCA T Shirts

Thanks Ian! T Shirts will definitely be in demand. Now, how about a good cap and jacket. The cap would need to fit guys with bigger heads like 7 3/4" and would be nice if the jackets came in tall sizes.




SAOCA Founder
John Prittie... our new regalia officer will be working on caps and jackets. The T-shirt shop won't be the best resource for those items. Best if they were embroidered.


Former SAOCA Membership Director
Platinum Level Sponsor
Great Shirts, but I can't seem to be able to log into the "sales" site.
Any thoughts ?

Tom j


SAOCA Founder
At the very top of the pop up window you will see "Hello, you are not logged in. Login now."

Click on login now and it will ask you to enter login information or create new login information. This is a third party site, so your current SAOCA login will not work.

I added some instructions at the bottom of the SAOCA Regalia page to help. It wasn't very clear on how to login so I hope this helps.

Harrington designs will be added today!