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Window Weather Strip

Bill Blue

Platinum Level Sponsor
Comparing the online pictures to the sample I have, the hollow and solid parts do not have the same shape. Close, but different.



Donation Time
thanks for the pictures Bill. I can see where this might be a trick to install. Nothing a little 3M yellow death won't help with though.

Bill Blue

Platinum Level Sponsor
Anyone tried to install the Camaro weather strip? I don't see how the hollow stuff can be used on the rear portion of the window. Fortunately, after adjusting the windshield angle, our stock stripping fits the window very good at the rear. But the top gap is very bad, especially on the passengers side. I think I will be able to trim the Camaro strip and get a pretty good seal.

Right now, I have to say don't buy the hollow weather strip. Of course I didn't, but that's what I got!


Bill Blue

Platinum Level Sponsor
Installed the modified Camaro hollow weather strip on the top of the window. Here is the finished project.

As you can see, there is a generous amount of glass/rubber overlap and it sort of blends in with the stock strip.

And the front.

The area between the top of the quarter window and top is filled. I have never been able to fill that gap until now. I am pretty happy with the fit and general level of water tightness. We have not had any rain so I cannot give a final assessment, but the wind noise is much lower.

Here is photo of the weather strip as bought and as modified.

The strip could be coaxed into staying in the weather strip mount, but it was very temporary. I used the 3M "Yellow Death".

I am not recommending this. It was an attempt to solve a problem with material that should not have been on hand, it worked.