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Who's Best for Vintage Car Insurance?


Donation Time
Hello All,

Time to look into putting a car on the road. It's one I will only drive in favorable weather, which in New England means PRSS (post road salt season).
Anyone have a suggestion for an insurer? I've contacted Haggerty, and their rate is $317 per year. The price is far less important than the quality of service and reliability, were I ever to have to file a claim. That's not to say that price is no object. Quality of service first, then price second. I will have the car on the road for about 8 months, and will drive less than 3000 miles a year.
Thanks for any suggestions or experiences you are able to share.

with Best Wishes,


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I use Zurich Insurance and have always been pleased with their service and rates.

Bill Blue

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I have a friend who has his car (early Buick Riviera) insured with Haggerty. It suffered a mighty double blow while parked in an eatery parking lot. He was very pleased with the repair and the way Haggerty handled the claim.



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we use hagerty for our sunbeams. here in ohio our agent is also a sunbeam owner. i'm sure you know him. i talked to him this afternoon about insuring the harrington that we bought last week. they will insure the car while it is in the restoration mode. you could insure your race car with them also as well as your harrington.