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When are the events for the next few months (2024) ?


Gold Level Sponsor
Thanks.. I will cross post these events on Facebook tomorrow (and any other events people will be attending)
The reminders are easier for some people thru there..


SAOCA Vice President
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Anything around Atlanta ???
Next major show is Sunday, May 19th, the Atlanta British Motorcar Day
Suwanee Town Center

They’re booked up with their limit of 150 cars, but if you remember from last year, I parked my car by the entrance until they figured out how many people didn’t show up. They called me while we were having lunch if I recall.

In addition to that, there are a handful of church parking lot British shows, which I don’t have info on. Then Norcross in September.


SAOCA Vice President
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Do you have a date for Norcross, GA ?

For the last forever and ever, it’s been the Saturday after Labor Day. But their website says, “Date coming soon.”