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What Jay Leno said

Bill Blue

Platinum Level Sponsor
yes, it seems so easy. My wife has a cousin that is a car restorer/builder in Indy. He once bought a trucker magazine to family event. He had made the cover truck. Beautiful work. I asked him how much it would cost to replicate my car using the quality standard of the truck. After heeming and hawing, starting at 15,000 and working up to 25,000, if I supplied the "big pieces", we started talking about building. I told him about the process I had to go through to make a simple bracket, he said that was typical. That the ordinary part that was designed, fitted and finished on one of the TV shows was probably, in real life, test installed fifteen times during the process.
Made me feel so good. But if Jay wants to see some beat up hands (and arms), he should look at my bloody examples.



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Jay Leno has me doubled over laughing. I quote from the article:
"These days, Amazon will drop a package on your doorstep the same day you order it, so we’re also losing touch with how long things take in the real world. A very famous country western star called me not long ago and said, “It’s my husband’s birthday, he’s always wanted a 1953 Ford F-100, a red one, and I want to get one for his birthday. Can you get me one?” I said I couldn’t promise it would be red, but I would look around. Then I asked when his birthday is. She said, “Thursday.” I said, “This is Tuesday! I’m not going to find a car in two days. It takes awhile!” She didn’t get it."