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"Weekend Racer" Alpine Back running!


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P1090417.JPG P1090290.JPG

The infamis "Weekend Racer" Alpine is back running under it's own power,

after at least 26 years!

The grainy picture is from the "Weekend Racers" movie, during the start of the May 1967 Santa Barbara Road Race.

One of 6 Alpines that ran that race.

Another of the 6 Alpines running that race is Tom Sakai's "Love Bug" Alpine.

More info later.

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I thought I counted 6 Alpines in the Movie, oh well.

These pictures from the Corb Flick collection, he was also in the race.

If you can see the pencil marks on the results, those are Corb's notes about the actual positions at the finish.

Corb was just behind Chuck (in the "Love Bug" Alpine )at the flag.

BTW, #44 is a RHD Alpine, seen in the old picture with the "Weekend Racer" of John Coddington.

That is a very nice bit of history! Thanks for POSTing....

Love History of the Sunbeam!

Bob, Plan A is to take the "Weekend Racer" Alpine to the LA Shelby Track event @ the Streets of Willow June 2 (1 day event).

I'm having issues with a cracked head/water leak.

Plan B is to take Tom's "Love Bug Alpine"

Plan C is to take a Tiger, if I have to.... :)

This year is looking like a "Time off" year as far as Race events,

with the exception of maybe the Big Bore Bash with VARA/ LA Shelby @ Willow early Nov.

Most likely events are the Cobra Club Open Track at Willow the end of Oct, and the BBB in Nov.

But who knows the future.

I corresponded with Steve S about the "Love Bug Alpine", he didn't have much West coast Race info, at the time.

BTW, Plan A for the LA Shelby event is shaping up!.

I ended up changing heads (BOOO!)

The BIG valve head had issues with the water passage around the spark plug.

Turns out there was/is a pin hole into the spark plug THREADS (BOOOOO!).

So now I get to do a test of a STOCK head compared to a BIG valve head, ...eventually.

Also, Steve Alcala gets 99% of the credit for getting the "Weekend Racer" Alpine in a drive-able (Race-able?) state!

Steve A will be Driving the "Weekend Racer" Alpine on this RETURN TO WILLOW event.

John Coddington drove the WR Alpine at an SCCA drivers school at Willow back in 1967.

And NO!, I could not live with that front fender Mirror position!!!

It has been moved to a SANE position.

The "Weekend Racer" Alpine made it to the track and strangely, was NOT the slowest car on the track.

There was a stock Lotus Elite that was lightly driven.

The WR Alpine got some notes in it's book that need attention.

1) Rear suspension, mostly rear shocks, those Lever shocks need help!

2) Ignition, random missing is triggering the MSD Rev limiter WAY early.

3) smaller steering wheel.

Steve Alcala at the wheel.

Steve is going so fast the camera can't catch the action.

Where is alpine_64 and his professional level photography skills when they are needed?
Big Bore Bash at Willow Springs

The "Big Bore" caught my eye!

It's great to see you running with the Big Dogs:)

Wishing you lots of fun and keep us posted on the running......would love to be there too!

Watching and pulling for you of course.
IMG_20200208_104702769_HDR.jpg The weekend racer is back on the track again this time with SVRA/VARA at Fontana
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The Weeknd racer even found a car to pass.

There was GT 6 that looked great but was slow.
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I don't know that the GT 6 had any issues, outside of Lightly driven.

It sure looked brand new and a very stock setup.

I have a picture that was texted to me of the Pass on the front straight but I'm not up on how to get the picture Out of the messages area of my New phone.