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We need photos of your car for the 2021 Calendar!

Silver Creek Sunbeam

Gold Level Sponsor
Thanks for the info. I shoot RAW fine, so my files are normally 12-18MB once I post process them.
I responded to you, but I’m not sure where the message got crossed up.

I take advantage of cyber Monday sales when ordering the calendar, so it’s safe to say any photo that arrives after Thanksgiving has little chance of getting in.

Eric was kind enough to post my angry Christmas morning manifesto, but to sum up, 1.5mb or above usually works. But give me what you have, because I might be able to adjust. Bigger is always better. I work with 215mb files at work every day, so you can’t do too big. But you definitely can do too small. Format doesn’t matter as long as it’s horizontal.
I figured my message glitched and didn’t make it to you.


SAOCA Vice President
Platinum Level Sponsor
OK, all, this is your last chance to get your photos in. Design of the 2021 calendar is underway, and it goes to the print shop in the next week or so. So if you want a chance for your car or project to be featured in the 2021 calendar, send it now to membership@sunbeamalpine.org.

Send what you got. No rules this year. (Except high res. That's still a rule. Oh, and no professional photos unless you're the professional. But other than that, no rules. Well, some rules. But submit anyway. Let's see if we can't fill up my inbox by Sunday.)