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Vote to Confirm New Board

Confirm these members as new Board of Directors?

  • Yes

    Votes: 25 100.0%
  • No

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Please vote Yes or No to confirm the new Board of Directors for SAOCA starting 1 January 2018-31 December 2019

Ken Ellis

Donation Time
I know from seeing other posts who is on the list, so I have voted. However, I don't see a list associated with this post...


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Here is the recommended Ballot

Ken, I sent this to Nick and the other current Officers and those that have their names in for Election.

I also included a recommendation to amend the By-laws to establish a Board Office with Title of "Communications and Technology Director". With the intent of this person, if approved, would continue on with similar duties as being performed by our current Membership Director (Greg Feist) Greggers. Splitting it bulk of the load between the "new Director Position and the Membership Dir (Tom Johnson former and current Candidate).

In saying all that, the current By-laws need to be studied and amended to bring them up to date with current methods, procedures and specific duties of each officer.

Long over due! So far, most are in agreement with my basic proposal (s).

A recommendation for the Ballot to have the following Names.


President: Jim Stone - Alpine1789
Vice President: James Montgomery - Alpine66
Secretary: Bruce Davis - phyrman
Treasurer: Dan Richardson - DanR
Membership Director: Tom Johnson - Green67Alpine
Communications & Technology Director: Greg Feist - Greggers

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Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

I voted, but it did not appear that the vote tally changed.

It would be nice if more than 25 people would get involved.


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Count me in

John in Colorado


If you voted, the vote tally shown at the top of this thread again did not change.

Questions for the powers that be:
  1. Is voting still open or has voting been closed?
  2. If voting is still open, when will it be closed?
  3. If voting has been closed, what were the results?
  4. Do we have a new board or is the old board still in charge?


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Barry (and All) The election was as some in the past not well represented IMHO by the Membership, However, it is and was considered "over" December 31, 2017 and a "New" Board of Officers in stalled, an official meeting was called (via teleconfer) with all members present and accounted for! Jim Stone alpine 1789 is our President! He, i'm sure will be responding.

Main concern is the new site and making use of it's full potential for the membership. AS always end-of-year & beginning-of-new is very busy.

Further reporting will be forthcoming,

DanR, Treasurer

Alpine 1789

SAOCA President
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Not only will I be responding, but I was actually responding when my screen updated to tell me that someone else had already done so. (I like the new forum more and more!) I have been a bit absent lately due to a computer meltdown. I have finally gotten my trusty MacBook working again, albeit slowly pending the installation of a new hard drive, and should be pretty much back to normal now. As Dan noted, our new Board met a few weeks ago and is off an running. I will post the minutes of that meeting later today as well as share some thoughts and plans. Please stay tuned...


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I just checked the settings and it closed 26 December.

Final tally was 25 to confirm the slate with no opposed.