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UWHARRIE Mountains British Car Meet at Higgins Farm 2 Nov 2019


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We had a bunch of British vehicles present.

A beautiful Tiger looked like gunmetal grey! Sorry I didn't get a good PIC.

Very nice 1959 Hillman Wagon.1959 Hillman Wagon at Asheboro NC Meet                    20191102_113930.jpg 1959 Hillman Wagon at Asheboro NC Meet                    20191102_135056.jpg
1959 Hillman Wagon at Asheboro NC Meet                      20191102_135120.jpg
1st arrival DanR's Blue Boy V6
Blue Boy at Asheboro, NC Meet             20191102_100842.jpg


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Ted S. old Husky! Good to see it out and about. Hope to get to that show someday-conflicts with other events though....


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Found out that the '59 Hillman didn't have Disc brakes. Bet it would be an easy swap with the SIV -SV crossmember.

husky drvr

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Found out that the '59 Hillman didn't have Disc brakes. Bet it would be an easy swap with the SIV -SV crossmember.


Easy - mostly. Do not change the crossmember though. The Alpine and Husky engine mount locations are different. You should check the drawings in a WSM and compare the crossmember and trans mount location differences between a Rapier and an Alpine. The engine and trans are the same dimensions. The front engine plate and the trans mount are the same. The Alpine firewall is further back than the Husky's. This makes the Husky engine mount both higher and forward of the Alpine's mount. Didn't you ever wonder about why the Rootes engines have that raised step in the front of the oil pan? In the Husky and probably every other AUDAX body, the step is above the crossmember - NOT down and behind like the Alpine.

It is much simpler to change out the control arms with the spindle as a complete unit (and matching anti roll bar). They bolt right on the Husky crossmember. You just have to make sure the new steering angles DO NOT allow the steering gear box to rotate beyond the amount allowed with the original control arms. IIRC, the Alpine steering arms are a small amount longer than the OE pieces, allowing the steering gear to over rotate before hitting the steering stops. Eventually, the steering box will fail if this is not checked and addressed.

The best and easiest solution would be to find a complete front crossmember and disk brake suspension from a Rapier or Minx. Then you should have a complete bolt in solution.

One more thing, Do not exchange the Husky springs for the Alpine units. The Husky springs are about 25% stiffer than S 3 Alpine springs and even stiffer than any other series Alpine springs.


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