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Updating Member Levels again


Past President
Gold Level Sponsor
Chris Sroka and Thad Pyzdrowski. Please PM me. I recognise your names but can't remember your forum names.


Past President
Gold Level Sponsor
Can the following contact me with their Forum Names? I want to change/update your Member Levels.

David Cizmas
Mark Lonnecker
James Mininger
Jurgen Kleinknecht
Audio plugin
Splashin Fashion
Ashley Fridman
Jonathan Pizzala
David Wolf


Former SAOCA Membership Director
Platinum Level Sponsor
splash fash =Knightowl61
David Cizmas=trbrg
Ashley Fridman=ashfried
James Mininger=helijm
audio plug in= chazbeam
Tom j


Past President
Gold Level Sponsor
I'll try them tonight.

Thanks to all contributing members for their generosity and support for SAOCA.


Past President
Gold Level Sponsor
Updating again. Need Forum Names for:
Paul Pusateri
Stephen J Smith

Please email me at vicepresident@sunbeamalpine.org

If your Donation Level isn't right please PM me with your Forum Name and the level you signed up for.

Thanks for supporting SAOCA.....:cool:
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