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The spirit of the Alpine Owners


Donation Time
I wanted to share a story that I'm sure is very common amongst everyone on this forum, but worth sharing anyway. Over the course of the last year and a half of owning my SV I have had some tremendous experiences with the help from others on this site and local owners. Just recently, I was pulling into work after lunch and my oil cooler hose burst. What a mess - lost almost all of my oil. I called my buddy who also has a SV here in Utah and without hesitation, he found a spare hose in his inventory, some kitty litter for the pool of oil and some towels and came down with his lovely wife to help me out. We had it fixed in a jiffy. He even helped me clean up the engine bay of oil (I will note, no one I worked with came to help). Its this, and the help of people on this forum, Tom, Al, Rootes, Bill and George just to name a few, that really give me a great feeling of the spirit and camaraderie of being part of the Alpine community (modified or original :) ) Spring is in the air - time to motor!!!