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Suspension bushing replacement questions


Donation Time
I am in the midst of replacing the bushings in the A-arms. I currently have the urethane bushings that I bought from Sunbeam Specialities about 15 years ago.
The urethane has completely disintegrated, but that is not the problem, just the reason I am under the car and covered in grease.

Neither of the bushings for the lower arm are a press fit. I have done one upper arm and there was a nice press fit that did not require much out of the press.

The lower bushings drop into the hole all the way to the flange and I can turn the with my finger.

I am using the metalastic bushings from SS this time.

Do I need to replace the arms to get one with a press fit? Anybody have tricks of the trade?

Otherwise it will be a run to Smitty's Sunbeam archive for a pair of arms.

Bill Blue

Platinum Level Sponsor
Looking for a "No rattle" fit, assemble with high strength Lok Tite, the red stuff. It has taken the place of their sleave lock material. Do a trial fit in one of the loosest fits, let set for a few hours and see it has filled the gap.


Gold Level Sponsor
Rick complained to me about the quality of machine work on what he has available to purchase from his suppliers. I don't remember him offering a solution, but Bill's idea is a good place to start.

Shannon Boal

Platinum Level Sponsor
JB Weld is strong and will hold all kinds of things. But those bushings oughta fit right. You could tin the inside of the control arms (a tinned surface adds maybe 0.0016"). You could see if the bushings from the UK or the Netherlands fit properly.