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Sunbeam Alpine GT Fastback Windscreen Group Buy


Donation Time
Hello, I own Rule Garage in Lakewood Washington, and we are doing a group purchase of rare windscreens for ourselves and customers.

We buy from Pilkington Classics (who unfortunately stopped stocking windscreens in the US a few years ago). The windscreens are 12-14 weeks out, and are brand new.

Currently we are ordering two (one for a Fastback, one for a Mercury Capri). If we get more people in on the order, overall cost will come down, as we can split shipping between everyone.

Current price for windscreen & shipping (only split two ways) is around $850 US. Add another person, and the price will go down.

See the website below for their full product line, and let me know what you are interested in for a quote. Most windscreens are available in clear, clear with tint strip, green, green with tint strip, etc.


Windscreens must be picked up at my shop in Lakewood, it doesn't make a lot of sense cost wise for us to ship them to you once we receive them. If you would like, you are welcome to hire a 3rd party packaging/shipping company to pick your windscreen up from my shop. Payment is due upfront (via check or cash), due to the long lead time. We are not setup for card payments, we like to keep things simple.

Thanks! Hopefully this can help out another Fastback owner.