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Squeaky Shifter


Silver Level Sponsor
SIV, 1725, All-Sync Gearbox.

Over the past few days I started hearing a squeaking when shifting gears and it sounded very similar to a throw-out bearing going out. I started the car and pressed and depressed the clutch a number of times at neutral and at different points in the clutch and there was no sound.

I shutdown the car, clutch and shifted through the gears a number of time and heard a squeak when I went from gear to gear.

The car drives and shifts fine, both up and downshift outside of the squeaking, so I'm assuming its the shifter assembly on top of the gearbox. If not and there's something else it could be, what should I look for? If it just needs to be lubed, what do I use and where do I apply it? Please advise.

Thank you all!
So car off, clutch not engaged, just moving the shifter through the gears results in a squeak?
Never did that, but a good idea to fill oil into the nipples on top of the gear selector. How did you actually do it? Just letting the oil drip ?