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So where do you display the club magnetic emblem or the cling on sticker?
Here are mine!DSC02679.JPG


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I thought another good idea Eric. Then I realized I hadn't put up my stickers. A brain cocktail seriously went wrong when I thought why not make one of the magnetic logos the #41 Sebring Alpine's temporary hood emblem...
It slipped off and stuck to the steel body. Then I remembered the hood is aluminum. This quarantine stuff is interfering with my cognitive abilities or is it old age?

Placed them on the lift system posts.

Used the Cling on for #41.


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I am so sorry to have to report that I took my scissors to the static cling one and cut off the Alpine and club printing.
Not to be a jackass but I already hear enough of these idiots standing over my car saying it could be a converted Alpine.
TAC 82 , ol Shaniqua has seen some love and seen some abuse.
I Believe I put the sticker on my beater work car.
A long time ago the registration guy for the CAT club, made some business cards that he called Tiger tags and they were basically solicitation cards for members to leave on cars they saw or Tigers in the wild as he said. Just recently STOA picked up the practice and sent everyone on their mailing list some business cards with the same thought put one on a car you see out in the real world or at a car show, youand leaver name and number on there. I suggested that the club make everyone a marketing guy for the greater good of the club and even start a contest get two guys to sign up get a free t-shirt.
All I heard back was crickets chirping. Possibly SAOCA could adapt this and maybe give someone a bonus pip on their Avatar or ?


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F815A401-EDC8-4EAE-B363-0CF88DC72538.jpegF815A401-EDC8-4EAE-B363-0CF88DC72538.jpegThe rear window is an excellent spot to fill with stickers on the 67 Super Minx. The other is on the 67 SV V6 project,


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