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Rootes Refurbed Radio


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Rootes radio refurbished by Tiger Tom who took it all apart, got it working, cleaned everything up, painted case etc… I purchased this radio with a group of parts from Tom’s customer. I already have a radio to use so this one is a spare offered up. I have only powered it up for a second to take the one picture. I do not believe the knobs are correct but will include them.
$300, can ship anywhere


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Sorry, I had forgotten to add Sold on this radio. I will have a Motorola 828 radio for sale with an under dash bracket, if I can ever get out to the garage. Joe


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Sorry, I had forgotten to add Sold on this radio. I will have a Motorola 828 radio for sale with an under dash bracket, if I can ever get out to the garage. Joe
Send me email and pics when ready
Might be interested
Would be for a S5


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The radio pic'd in Joe's thread above is the correct 5-pushbutton Motorola necessary to assemble an optional Tiger LAT-72 deluxe radio console. Even more, it is one of very few that were badged ROOTES in the upper left corner and, even with missing/incorrect knobs, $300 was a decent deal.

If a new buyer of a Series V asked the dealer to install a stock radio, s/he would have likely gotten a Bendix Sunbeam radio with mounting surround as seen in this pic. However, the pic includes a specially made one-off bracket that wasn't ever offered.

To mount a stock radio, the installer would drill 2 holes through the padded lower roll and bottom lip of the dashboard fascia, often breaking pieces off and sometimes cracking into the dash surface. When the radio in the pic was rebuilt with modern electronics, a custom upper bracket was fashioned to eliminate drilling and support the front of the radio via the studs on the lower roll that attach to the dash support brackets (similar to the LAT-72). This was a brilliant idea that sadly never made it into Alpine production.

EDIT: To clarify, the radio in the pic is the Bendix 7BSU, the radio elected to be OEM SUNBEAM. Many other Bendix models of the period may seem similar but cannot be used in place of the 7BSU due to the mounting fascia aperture being so narrow.

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There's quite often a Bendix Sapphire I that was as common as the VW beetle. The same radio and most importantly knobs. In 67.5 they went to flat FMVSS flat rubber knobs . I have a lonely bracket that needs a home.


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