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Random SB things I have

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale' started by Hungrybunny_1, May 30, 2021.

  1. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    Hello everyone, here’s a list of parts I have for sale, I’ll post the photos if you ask.

    series V steering wheel and assembly
    Steering wheel cover
    Series V heater core
    Original seatbelts
    Series V side windows ( the little ones in front )
    Series I seats, need upholstering
    Series I seat rails
    Series V fuel tank panel ( metals that surrounds cap)
    Series I fuel cap
    Series V doors ( just door nothing inside )
    Outdoor and indoor handles
    Crankshaft for 1725 has #617929 ( have multiple )
    Metal frame for center console
    Pistons/rods for 1725 ( not sure would have to double check )
    Series I camshaft ( have multiple )
    Blower assembly ( not sure of series )
    Multiple valve covers ( two that say “sunbeam” )
    Chrome windshield surround ( cracked in a few places )
  2. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    Update: anything in the photos is for sale as well, if I can not sell the item it’s headed for the dump.

    Attached Files:

  3. Hodee

    Hodee Gold Level Sponsor

    Where are you located?
  4. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    Calgary, Alberta
  5. fireroad

    fireroad Platinum Level Sponsor

    Any chance the metal dash frame has the tabs/guides for the fresh air vent rods on it?
  6. CardboardJoseph

    CardboardJoseph Donation Time

    Hey, is this stuff still available? I'm interested

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