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Need Ford Ranger 2.8 V6 rear thermostat housing or three groove water pump pulley

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by mr.vman, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. mr.vman

    mr.vman Donation Time

    Using the Ford 2.8 V6 from the eighties Ford Ranger. Need the rear thermostat bypass housing that bolts to the back of the timing cover. The Ranger thermostat housings have a different bolt pattern than the Ford Capri, Mustang 2 and Pinto of the seventies. The eighties 2.8 V6, in my case Ranger, uses a different water pump pulley bolt pattern also. Pulleys are distanced about an half an inch more away, from timing cover than the seventies 2.8. Brackets from the seventies 2.8 V6 will need modifications to fit on the eighties 2.8 V6 if they will fit at all. I am attempting to use the eghties 2.8. Hopefully someone has a good rear thermostat bypass housing or, a source to buy? The seventies thermostat housing are available.
    Also looking for the three belt/groove water pump pulley that fits the seventies 2.8 V6. With the three groove water pump pulley, might not have to use the Ford Ranger timing cover and water pump. Engine is in a Marcos car from the UK, hence making brackets for the Alternator and AC compressor. Not able to buy brackets as norrow chassis. Using the site for 2.8 information.
    In the UK Burton Power lists the front and rear thermostat housing, doubt it will fit the 2.8 Ranger V6. Let me know what is out there. Thank you in advance. Steve V. Arizona
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2020
  2. MikeH

    MikeH Platinum Level Sponsor

    The water pump pulley for the Ranger 2.8 is deeper because the water pump “snout” is longer. What plans do you have to make the later 2.8 work with its timing cover and water pump? To get the engine to fit, you want the MII timing cover and water pump. With the Ranger 2.8 you also need the rear sump oil pan from the MII in order to clear the cross member. Also need the oil pick up as well, as I recall. I lucked out on my 2.8. It came from a 1979 Fox body Mustang. So it still had the same timing cover and water pump as the MII, but came with a rear sump oil pan.
  3. mr.vman

    mr.vman Donation Time

    MikeH, thank you for the reply. Engine is not in an Alpine but a Marcos, from the UK. And I do have the rear sump pan, both Mustang 2 and Ranger engines. Depending on what parts I can find is what front cover I will use. The marcos tube chassis is narrow, and low. Cannot use DanR brackets for AC compressor and alternator. Making own brackets for Alternator and AC compressor mounting in front of cylnder heads. Not the sides or top of valve covers. If I did not want AC, would have probably been done with this stage of project. By the way, the car came with Ford 2.8 V6 from the UK. That is why I am keeping with V6. Anyone, 2.8 seventies three groove water pump pulley? Ranger rear thermostat bypass housing?
    Steve V. Arizona
  4. Series6

    Series6 Past President Gold Level Sponsor

    Alpine V6 water in and outlets from Autozone

    Four Seasons is the manufacturer

    84861 lower inlet from radiator
    84878 lower inlet rear

    84862 upper outlet
  5. MikeH

    MikeH Platinum Level Sponsor

    Sorry didn’t know what a Marcos was. Neat looking car though. The Mini Marcos reminds me of the early Saab Sonnet.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2020
  6. mr.vman

    mr.vman Donation Time

    Series6, Thank you for the reply. Unfortunatly for me, there are two lower thermostat housing in the USA. Seventies 2.8 V6 use a different thermostat housing are rear bypass outlet than the early 80s. The housing have a different bolt pattern. The number you listed are for the, 70's housings not the 80s housings. In Europe, not sure what is going on. Looking for the Ford Ranger 2.8 V6 rear bypass housing.
  7. Series6

    Series6 Past President Gold Level Sponsor

    Pm me a picture of what you need
  8. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    1st PIC shows the Ranger thermostat housing with the Mutt II By Pass three ears housing on top. Notice carefully the holes do not match. Specifically one toward the top of the picture. Ranger Thermostat housimg with Mutt II By pass housing overlay  20200823_144405.jpg
    In the 2nd PIC you can see the Ranger thermostat housing to be very different from the Mutt II housing we utilize on our 2.8 V6 engines for the Alpine Conversion. It has a rounded protrusion for the thermostat and DOES NOT Have a Heater connection.....The heater connection is a tube sticking downward under the Timing cover. Ranger Thermostat housimg   20200823_144320.jpg Ranger Thermostat housimg with matching By pass housing overlay  20200823_144257.jpg In this PIC (3rd ) The Ranger By Pass housing mates perfectly with the Ranger thermostat housing.

    Part of the problem between the early and late engines being the timing covers were changed by FORD some time after 1979 where they went with a different water pump with a longer snout and change the thermostat design enough to make the later series 2.8's very, very difficult to "fit" in the Alpine with out cutting and extending the frame where the radiator mounts.

    Hope this helps some way to understand the difference.

    I pulled one of the Ranger By pass housings to help Vman get his Marcos going:)

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