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NE Ohio Members

Discussion in 'Southern Ohio Chapter' started by wmsue, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. wmsue

    wmsue Donation Time

    Hi everyone,

    I joined the SAOCA forum a few months ago and began looking for my first Alpine. I've admired the cars for years and since I finally finished (are you ever really finished) with the restoration of my 1st car I purchased in 1973 ( a 65 Buick Electra conv.) I can focus on my next project, a 62 - 67 Alpine.
    Are there any members in NE Ohio in your chapter? I'm about 25 miles N of Youngstown and 60 miles East of Cleveland.

    If have any leads of cars available in my area, keep me in mind.

    thanks all
  2. johnd

    johnd Donation Time

    Hello and welcome to SAOCA. I'm in Chagrin Falls (east side of Cleveland). I bought a 1961 Alpine last year and recently completed its restoration. I know of two other members in the Cleveland area (west side) and my sister sent me a cell phone photo she took this weekend of a nice red SV she saw driving around Canton. I bought my SII over the internet (Autotrader.com) and paid about $4500 for it (delivered). I did not know that the SAOCA existed at the time but wish I had. Alpines are offered for sale on the SAOCA site fairly regularly. I have seen a number of cars offered that appeared to be substantially nicer than the one I bought last year at a better price than I paid. My recommendation would be to check the site regularly and have patience. I would be surprised if you didn't find what you wanted within a reasonable amount of time. Good luck!
  3. wmsue

    wmsue Donation Time

    The heck with the 50 cent tour.....I had the full $5.00 tour at Al Mason's a few weeks ago. Al showed me his vast collection of Alpines ranging from Series 1 through 5 with a coupe of GT's thrown in for good measure. I learned a lot about what features were original on the different series and what to look for when buying a used Alpine / Tiger. I even got a nice ride in his 'historic plate' Red Alpine. Thanks for taking the time and showing someone new to the Alpine Community that there are still lots of good people trying to promote the Sunbeam nameplate.
    We found out that we had a few friends in common from a different 'chapter' in my life and now I quality for the 'friends and family discount'. Right Al ?
    So I'm saving a bit more $$$ and will be buying my Alpine soon.

    Thanks again.

  4. agmason54

    agmason54 Donation Time

    NE Ohio 'member'......

    Hey Bill,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Not that anyone cares but here's the story of how Bill and I are connected.
    I was to meet Bill at the fairgrounds in Lisbon. I was parked in front of a No Parking sign and this guy walked up on me. I thought he was going to tell me to move but it was Bill.Aside from all the blah blah about Sunbeams it turns out Bill knew some major people in my past from Kent state. To make a long story short Bill played an indirect role in my first going to Montana by breaking up with a girl who my best buddie ended up marrying. Bill's best friend and I even dated the same girl. Damn! Before that when I was 18 I hitchhiked to California where my high school girlfriend's older sister and Bill's 1st cousin Kathy and I went apartment hunting in the Haight-Ashbury section of San Francisco. Cosmic man...
    I owe you BIG TIME for dumping your old girlfriend 35 years ago!!! It blows my mind how a cross roads in your life totally changed mine without a doubt. If I gave you all my Alpines I would still owe you.
    Your friend,
    PS Thumbing home I got my first Sunbeam ride in a green Alpine through the Superstition Mountains.Those were the days.

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