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Minxrod exhaust


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I thought I would start a new thread to discuss exhaust for the hot rod Minx. I have the cast exhaust manifold for the 1494cc motor. It has 2 studs for the head pipe. I have also seen on eBay a 3 stud version and one that accepts 2 pipes. Which is the most optimal for a mildly enhanced 1725cc motor?


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Any PIC's? I have cast iron headers from a SIV and a SV and a set of the two piece headers if interested send me a PM or your E-mail and I will provide you some pictures of what I have....


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If you are installing a 1725 alloy head motor maybe get the 4 branch headers from sunbeam specialities.


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What components perform best?

You might want to consider what Don (husky drvr) posted in your other thread:

The exhaust down pipes will have to be modified or remade to clear the crossmember due to the engine location being higher and forward of the Alpine location.

"Best" is sometimes limited by what will fit.
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You will most likely be using an alloy head. You will have issues fitting a four branch header. I tried, probably could have fitted it with cutting, bending, welding so to make life easier I stayed with the 2 pipe exhaust down pipes.


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I have a friend who is in the middle of a similar project. He has a Minx drophead (that I sold him) and put a rod thru the block. Since he is on a tight budget (and he paid my asking price for the Minx), I gave him a running alloy head 1494 (complete with'headers' and twin zenuths from a SI Alpine). I helped remove the old engine and haven't seen it since. He's asked for my help. I think the situation is this:
  • Hillman engine removed
  • Alpine 1494 is in and bolted to the nounts and trans, all ok
There is an 'issue' with the exhaust header of the Alpine. I haven't seen it but will in the next week or two. I think the downpipes on the header are too short, rather than any interference with steering. I think (but haven't scoped it out) that a rear braket will have to be made for the throttle linkage but should be an easy fab.

I'm not sure about rad hose placement on the Minx vs Alpine but will check it and give him one of my many early Alpine rads if necessary.

I want to see this car back on the road. It was my only Rootes cars when I joined this group, hence the username. I will update with pictures when we get at it, if you like. Here is a picture of it circa 2007 with my newly aquired SII Alpine.

One thing you should know. If you are replacing an iron head Minx engine with an alloy head 1725 neither intake nor exhaust manifolds will work with it. The port layout is different. They have to be from an alloy head engine (any).

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I would suspect the only issues with alpine headers would be the 2 down pipes turn towards the rear exhaust at a higher point relative to the body and maybe aim towards the fire wall than under the car...they probably need to be extended / angled back and down due to engine mounts liftimg motor slightly higher

There shouldn't have interference as the inner guard and rail is basically the same pressing as the alpines.


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Here's a cast iron manifold with Falcon header. See the tape measure for a length.....


  • Alpine Headers    20190105_130439.jpg
    Alpine Headers 20190105_130439.jpg
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  • Alpine cast iron Manifold and Falcon Header    20190521_185536_resized (1).jpg
    Alpine cast iron Manifold and Falcon Header 20190521_185536_resized (1).jpg
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