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How many Sunbeams do you own?

How many Sunbeams (not including parts cars) do you own?

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Alpine 1789

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I just read an article in the Hagerty online newsletter about owning multiple cars from the same marque (https://www.hagerty.com/media/opinion/the-hack-mechanic/why-do-we-buy-the-same-car-over-and-over/) and it got me to wondering how we did as a club. So, just for fun, I thought I'd post the poll. And, to keep Eric and Mark from totally skewing the data, let's limit "cars" here to cars that are either on the road or intended to be put back on the road at some point. No parts cars. So, I am including my S3 and SIV, even though neither has been drivable for at least 20 years. I am also going to include my Tiger project, even though I only own half of that.

And, just for fun, please feel free to say why you own more than one Sunbeam. In my case, it wasn't originally a deliberate plan. I always thought I would own multiple classic cars ("always" here defined as after I bought my first Alpine) but assumed they would all be different. And, for a while, it was; I had a Mercedes 230sl to go along with my SV. But, talking to other club members led me to covet a V6 and then a potential candidate became available on the forum. Around the time that project stalled, someone else's stalled S3 restoration project turned up on the forum; that is now my stalled restoration project. So, I totally blame this group for my affliction!

Alpine Addict

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I have two a 66 series 5 on the road and a 62 series 2 I hope to be driving later this year. I own more than one as I want more than 1. I would own more if my bank allowed me.


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I’m egalitarian. Currently in the stable are a Sunbeam, MG, Triumph, Morris and Mini. Looking for a Jaguar.

Having said that, over the years I’ve also had a Tiger, two Spitfires, and 13 Austin Healey Sprites… as well as 29 other LBCs.


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I have two because the second one is the one I actually wanted originally.... and I have a rule against getting rid of an Alpine.



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Mr. President

I beg to differ with your hurtful comment blaming membership for yourrrrrr “affliction”.

We are all (allegedly) grownups here even though deep down inside we are kids with, finally, the discretionary income to indulge ourselves. (Yeahhh us!)

Further…… These historic automobiles deserve to be preserved and given new life…. Like getting V6’s stuffed in their “bonnets”. I think it would be a great idea if we did info commercials like they do for the SPCA, showing sad little Sunbeams abandoned in barns and fields, begging to be saved. In essence we’re doing the Lord’s Work.

(Lord Rootes. Who did you think I meant?)

anywho… time for my meds.


Donation Time
I just have the 3 sunbeams at the moment..
'63 Series II Alpine 1996 >
'66 MkIA Tiger 2006 >
'60 Series I Alpine 2019 >

*And a '66 hillman minx 2018>

But have also had
'64 Tiger MKI 2009
'65 Tiger MKI 2009-2012

And dad still has the SIVGT 1995 >


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I currently have 3
62 Alpine v6
63 Alpine GT, w/ Volvo 1800 and OD
67 Alpine, pretty much stock
I have owned a Tiger,'65, a Triumph TR 250, a 64 Triumph Spitfire, all well driven....


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61 Alpine have since 1967 now with Toyota 3tc engine & t50 5 speed trans.
63st bought stripped for a parts car for bulldurham's 63gt. body is too good so an original equipment restoration is in the works.


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At the Richardson "Yard" there are currently seven. I own all but one.

When I retired from the USAF in April 1979, I headed home to Greenwood, SC. Sometime about early 1980 I spotted a Maroon Alpine under a carport near my home on Lake Greenwood. Making a mental note to check if it may be for sale, I stopped back by a few weeks later. Knocked on the door and a nice lady answered, when asked if it was for sale, she said she would gladly sale it, but her husband would not. Not recognizing who she was married too I left and again made a mental note to check back. A few days later I knocked on the same door, but this time I was very pleased to come face to face with one of my old fishing and swimming buddies from early '50 thru high school.

We discussed old times, some of our experiences in the USAF, the places we were stationed and how he became the proud owner of the Maroon Alpine. We had some pleasurable days before I broached the subject on the Maroon Alpine being for sale. Nope, it was not for sale.

Kirby ordered the Alpine while stationed in the UK with the USAF. He watched it roll down the Rootes Assembly line. He drove it in England for about four and a half years then shipped to Shaw AFB in SC for another five before retiring. He also purchased an Early Series IV GT BW35 Colour Code 39 for parts sometime in the mid '70's. Pulled a caliper and a fuel tank out for the Maroon 70 Alpine, then sat the Red One under a couple big pine trees.

On and on we talked until one day Kirby said I could buy the Maroon Alpine with one exception. I had to haul off the Red One. Man, that was a piece of junk. The metal worms had done their thing.....so I offered to drive the Maroon Alpine home and come back later for the Red One......Great offer huh?

NOPE, Kirby said. I know you Danny Boy, you’ll get the Maroon Alpine home and then forget the deal and I'll have to haul off the Red One. No deal.

Well, I wanted that little Maroon Alpine, so a deal was made, and I loaded up the Red One and headed home. Had it been a weekday it would have gone to the Salvage Yard for sure.

I looked the Red One over carefully and decided to keep for the time being, lots of good parts including a replacement engine (blank VIIN #) from Rootes. It remained in storage for about 25 years until one day while browsing the SAOCA Forum I discovered something I wanted to do, you can probably guess by now, convert the Red One to a FORD (Cologne) V6.

The amazing aspect of salvaging the Red One was the underside (x-frame) was near perfect condition, yet the panels were nearly gone. Tried to figure why the frame was still intact. Surely it was the old hardtop that had withstood the elements all those years before I came into possession.

I bought a Jose V6 Conversion and began a long project of converting the Red One to be powered by a FORD V6. I was not pleased with the design of the components even thought they were quality items. Several attempts were made before I was satisfied with my design of things especially the straight back headers. The Red One became the guinea pig for all my components. You should see the beautiful Red One now. A bit more work getting the fuel system and timing done and the new upholstery and I will be a proud Sunbeam Alpine Owner. Keep’em-on-the-Road is a grand Motto.

We drove the Maroon Alpine for a few years before the oil pressure dropped. Put in storage until recently when I started a restoration project, a few pieces (patches) of new outer panels were all that was required because the Maroon Alpine was near rust free. Such places as the battery box, the kick pan, spare tire holder and most of the floor panels were near perfect condition. The body has now gone thru the stages of sanding, priming, prepping for the painting.

Biggest problem is determining the correct paint formula for the Maroon code 70. I really do want it to be in the “best” selection of original maroon as possible.

It is ready for the paint except for the engine compartment needs a bit more prepping, then off to the paint booth.

Sometimes back in the mid 80’s I help my oldest son Danny purchase a ’67 SV ST Commodore Blue Alpine. It was not in the perfect condition but a very nice driver. He drove the wheels off before joining the Army. Put in storage until he returned home around 2005. He no longer wanted it, so I helped him get a pretty ’79 Toyota Celica Coupe for the Commodore Blue Alpine. The ’67 remained in storage until 2008 when I started a complete restoration. Beefing up the 1725 engine and adding A/C was my intent, otherwise it would be a stocker. Rust free, the body work was a snap. Found a Commodore Blue matching paint and purchased upholstery from Sunbeam Specialties for the final touches. First outing was at the British Car Event 2010 at Cayce Speedway in Columbia, SC. Had a great time!

Sometime afterwards a gent wanted to buy my 1725 engine. Not really wanting to sell it, I did because I had a 2.8 V6 sitting in the shop that was awaiting the Red One’s completion. Blue Boy became V6 Powered shortly afterwards the sell of the 1725. Never regretted the switch over. Been going full bore ever since.

My son Daniel and I travelled to Beaumont, Texas and picked up a Green Alpine from Sam Gwynn. It was the making of a V6 with major components and lots of other parts and pieces for completing the Project. What we call the Green1 or Sam’s Alpine has undergone lots of repairs. Currently on my rotisserie for the “x” frame repair, it was badly damaged by the metal worms. I am awaiting components for a “new” x frame that my Draftsman/Engineer/Laser Buddy is making. All body work has been accomplished including the sanding, priming, and prepping for the paint booth. The major components for completion are on hand: T5, V6 Engine, Modified Radiator, Rear Disc brakes, Straight back headers, etc. Keep’em-on-the-Road…

Daniel and I also traveled to Nashville, Tennessee and brought back an Azure Blue Alpine that is complete. It does have some common extensive metal worm damage. Plans are to restore this one too. Remember, Keep’em-on-the-Road…

My good friend Bill Blue had an unexpected mishap while attempting to visit an O’Reilly Auto Parts Store awhile back. He was rear ended while driving his Orange Alpine. The damage was extensive to the right rear section, bending the bumper, quarter panel crumpling the gas tank, pushing the B0Post into the door. The door will still open and close but needs the more clearance. Bill decided to forgo repairs and he and I traded Alpines. I had a Silver Alpine that would accomplish what he wanted, and I hauled the Orange One to Sunny South Carolina for repairs.

While extensive damage was done, I have the necessary replacement components on hand. My friend Mike runs a front-end alignment shop that also does frame repair, so the Orange One is scheduled for his expertise shortly. Remember, Keep’em-on-the-Road…

Alpine 1789

SAOCA President
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I beg to differ with your hurtful comment blaming membership for yourrrrrr “affliction”.
Haven't you ever heard a drunk saying he was "over served"? Same thing here!
And a '66 hillman minx 2018>
Hmm. I probably should have made it "How many Rootes cars do you own?" Oh, well. Too late now. Anyone should feel free to change their response as necessary.

And, Dan: you are truly an inspiration! I wish I had your energy...and your storage space!


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I was in Europe for my "car Guy" adventures centering around the Rootes Group, especially Sunbeams, when this question was posed. I'm often asked how many cars I have. I honestly answer , "I don't know." This sets me to listing and getting a count.

2- Harrington Le Mans
2- Series IV
1- Series 3
4- Series II
1- Series I
1- Tiger
1- Lyrad (Custom Series I)

Non Rootes
2- Jaguar MkII
2- Jaguar 340
1- Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III
1- Alfa Romeo Spider
2- Mazda Miatas

Ok, this indicates I have a serious illness. I'll accept that because it provides me with an alternate universe at anytime. Nothing like, being in the shop or out for a drive, loosing track of time and shedding the worries of the World.


Donation Time
What JL says!!

Time to add 'um up.

This is a list of the current Fleet, .... that I can think of.

I do have a few other Alpines that most likely will not see the road again.

The "D" indicates I have driven it.

Cars/ vehicles

2018 Thor MH tan D

2016 Jeep Renegade yellow D

2006 Scion xB (2) white D, green D

2004 Scion xB orange D

1994 Ford F150 green D

1989 Bronco ll red D

1988 Bronco ll green D

1969 Ford Ranchero blue D

1966 Ford Ranchero (2) white D, white D

1966 Tiger Black D

1966 Alpine Blue V D

1966 Imp (2) green D, blue

1965 Mustang FB red D

1965 Alpine red V

1965 Alpine Brown V

1965 Stilleto blue

1965 Tiger Red D

1965 Tiger Red

1965 Tiger Black D

1964 Imp (2) red, blue

1964 Alpine green lV

1963 Alpine red ll D

1962 Alpine blue ll

1960 Alpine red l

1958 Hillman Husky blue