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Good Shop in NW


Donation Time
Hello fellow Pac Coast owners, does anyone have a good shop in the NW that can handle alloy head work ? Oregon or Washinton would be best as I am in Salem OR, but do get up to Kirkland WA to visit fairly often.

Thanks Derek


Platinum Level Sponsor
I have used Autosport in Seattle and have been satisfied with the people and the work. Now, I also have to tell you that not everyone will agree. I guess that is not much of a response!!!!!


Silver Level Sponsor
I have used Eastside Machine, Inc. located in Kirkland, WA with good success. They worked on the head of my '67 Alpine in 2004.. So far, so good.

Their phone # -- 425-820-5193

Good Luck,



Donation Time
Hill Headworks in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle has done numerous Alpine heads - including my own. They know which hardened seats to use (Datsun?) to last longer running on unleaded gas.

Local folks needing machine work done to their Alpine engines should know that Hill Machine, also in Ballard, is going or already has gone out of business. The owner is reportedly very ill. Also, well-known machinists Waterhouse Motors in Tacoma just went out of business in August, not long after I got my crank back from them.