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Excited to share. New life, new energy!


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We've owned our Alpine for almost 20 years but unfortunately, for a bunch of different reasons (wouldn't start, wouldn't stop...) have hardly used it in the last 10. It's amazing how confidence in reliability can hurt the relationship between car and driver.

But I am delighted to say that is starting to change. Thanks in large part to Steve Smith (such an awesome guy) who encouraged me to get the brake servo rebuilt again by White Post, then helped me bleed the brakes when we got it back, then helped me to get it started and running to where I could use it again. Can't be more thankful to him.

Now the car is with Paul Tsikuris at Tsikuris Classics in Lakeland Florida for a good reconditioning. He does absolutely amazing work and I'm so looking forward to getting the car back in a few weeks. Take a look at some of Paul's previous work here. He truly is a master restorer of British classics. I'm looking forward to being, not just an owner, but an active driver of our 1963 Sunbeam again.

Hope to see you on the road soon!!!


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