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Engine block clean out

husky drvr

Platinum Level Sponsor
The Rootes engine overheating issue that is often discussed, sediment build-up in the water jacket around cylinder number four.

This montage was just posted to YT a few hours ago. Thanks to Arrow 5 and his shop for the video.



Bronze Level Sponsor
Excellent video! Resembling what I experienced with many Rootes blocks, especially 5 bearing 1725cc ones...


Diamond Level Sponsor
Exactly what you find in these blocks. The only thing they didn't take out was the cam plate
as crap gets there too. Whenever you rebuild, clean out the block!

tony perrett

Gold Level Sponsor
From my experience, much of the material found in the block is not residue but sand used in the casting process. This is why normal flushing agents are of no use. I made the mistake of not replacing the core plugs when the engine was out of the car and had to do the job later. The one at the back of the engine is difficult to get at and I would strongly advise changing them all.