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Clutch Slave rod

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by W2 & Lora, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. W2 & Lora

    W2 & Lora Donation Time

    Is the length of the actuator rod in the clutch slave cylinder the same for all models? I know the throw out bearing arms are a bit different. I am installing an OD transmission and the rod that came with it is rather corroded, so I'd like to use the one from the 4 speed. (The car has a 1725 set up.)

  2. gary1725

    gary1725 Donation Time

    I stand to be corrected but - the clutch throw out rod has nothing to do with OD vs Non OD - it has to do with the flywheel/clutch set up you were using regardless of 1725 or 1600 - so basically I would use whatever you were using before and it will bolt right up... there are differences between stock 1600 clutch and 1725 clutch but if you used the 1600 flywheel/clutch on a 1725 engine then that set up will still work regardless of which year OD gearbox you use - just use the same pedestal and release arm you are using today (be it stocl 1725 or 1600) and life will be good!

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