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62' Alpine For Sale


Diamond Level Sponsor
From the video it sure looks like a nicely rebuilt Alpine, can't build one for $16K.

This is another nice Alpine that should bring much more money.

John W

Bronze Level Sponsor
What an enjoyable video on Youtube. Really tickles the senses. To the point where "I'd have done blah blah blah..." (Well, credit the excellent music and put a spoke wheel on this beauty.) What a beautiful car. And great video of all the detail that makes up an Alpine. I'm sure the 26 invested (probably) doesn't include any of the time it takes to "recreate" all that this car, and an original Alpine is. Probably the most underappreciated car ever designed. (Unless it has a V-8, I suppose.) Anyone, bar none, who devotes the time to do this, BAR NONE, is as cool as it gets. Twenty-Six seems cheap for what this car is. Just beautiful.


Diamond Level Sponsor
Did either of you get an answer to your question "if still available" ..?


Gold Level Sponsor
There is another blue one just like it for sale in Charlotte, VT. It is listed on the TEAE forum, Jeffrey Stout call or text 281-924-5742.
I have seen it, and it is further described on BAT sold 11/2/21. If have seen this S2 and it is a nice driver. The price is negotiable probably around what he bought it for $16,500.