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#41 Engine ready for run-in startup


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I've installed #41 engine for start and test. Note: Unique to the Factory Works Sebring Alpines were the two (2) blade fan and the generator heat protector.


  • #41 engine ready for startup.jpg
    #41 engine ready for startup.jpg
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  • #41 ready startup 2.jpg
    #41 ready startup 2.jpg
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Wow, cool Jerry. How about that lightened water pump pulley ? Is it an own Design?
Don't quite get the purpose of that generator heat shield however...


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The pulley was amongst over a dozen pulleys I have. I'm not certain of its origin, but with two documented and one undocumented racing Alpines in my collection it doesn't surprise me to have this in my parts bin. It is definitely lighter and was done with precision modification.

Heat shield is located between the generator and where the number 1 exhaust header pipe's pathway winds past the generator.

Generator heat shield.jpg

With a stock header the #1 pipe is very close to the generator. With some customs (1.5 OD) I have found you have to hammer the header pipe in order to get any clearance with the Generator. It isn't clear to me what would have been the case from the Factory Works Group had they used a stock Alpine header as to clearance with the heat shield. Maybe it was right up against the shield. I didn't take a photo of the heat shield on the inside. It does have some kind of insulating material attached by the rivets you can see. My 4 into 1 pipes are 1.25 OD and stock are 1.5 OD. Without the heat shield my 4 into 1's pipe has plenty of clearance with the generator or any alternator typically used. As can be seen there's about 3/16ths inch clearance at the closest point to the heat shield. I'm installing the heat shield mainly to keep the configuration as "time period" correct.

Looks like I will be doing start up tomorrow.
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Jerry great progress. I also see you have the billet timing cover and alloy balancer with the seal on the motor.. is this the motor you will run in the #41?

If so, maybe paint the modern alloy parts satin black so they look per factory?