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1965 Sunbeam ALGER for sale on BAT


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Just finished up this Sunbeam “Alger”
Previous owner found out that it’s a lot more work to put a V8 in a Alpine and gave up on the project “Casper”
Since I have I owned my Tiger for 50 years I took the project on and after a year it is finally ready to sell
It has a low mileage 302 roller motor, HEI dist
Two barrel carb, Tiger exhaust manifolds, has new exhaust system, has rack and pinion steering.
Has a new one wire power master Alt.

Has a Tiger radiator and a electric fan car runs around 200 in the heat of Florida summer weather.
Transmisions is a C4 that was just gone through and shifts good.
Has a Dana 44 rear end out of a Tiger.
Car has fresh paint but not a show car just a driver.
Floor boards were replaced
X frame is in prefect shape thanks to all the oil the last 4 cylinder motor leaked!
Has new 13” tires,mag wheels are used but in great shape.
Has new brakes but no booster but still stops fine.
Side window glass is good and roll up and down!
Front windshield has some marks from bad wipers. But they actual work and come back to the park position when you shut them off
All lights work!!
Has a GPS speedometer
Has a tachometer
Temp and oil gauge
No gas gauge but has a fuel stick
Has a original horn that works
Doesn’t have a hard top but convertible is in pretty good shape has a small tear from someone not undoing a snap, back window is clear!
All n all for a car that has been off the road since 11-96 is a fun car and gets a lot of comments and attention.
Asking price is 20,000.00


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And here are a few more photos since the site only allows the posting of 10 per post. Plus, here's a video:



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I live in Ocala, would it be possible for me to come have a "LOOK" at yours? I am "Trying to make one and having trouble with room for the exhaust manifolds. "Seeing" YOURS will make it much easier. I would greatly appreciate your help . thank you. Lou (Fonz)


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Of course !
[Address removed by admin]
I’m retired so I’m home all day.
Just give me a call!
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I would suggest exchanging addresses via private message rather than publishing it in a publicly available forum.


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*9 MINUTES* ANY TIME SPECIAL GOOD FOR YOU ? is the "black one" at your home also ? Like to see that ! very impressive in the drag strip video.


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I would suggest exchanging addresses via private message rather than publishing it in a publicly available forum.

There's also the profile postings. It's a open PM like creation. Profiles in this forums software was built for social postings.