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  1. L

    S2 Alpine Distributor/Tach with a 1725cc engine swap?

    Restoring a 1962 Alpine that someone swapped a 1725cc engine in. The engine is seized so I pulled one from my parts car. That engine was in great shape so I figured it should be a plug and play setup. I swapped the distributor housing for one with the gear drive tach. Now the distributor wont...
  2. Johnny-G

    Tach doesn't read correctly

    The tach in my '67 Series V reads high, at least at idle. Connecting my dwell-tach with idle set at ~600 RPM, the tach reads 1,000. To the best of my knowledge, the tach is original. Has anyone seen this before and been able to correct?
  3. F

    Alpine Tachometer

    Hi guys. Anyone have a known good Alpine Series 4 tachometer for sale or trade. Driver quality. 2nd choice would be a Series 5 tach and speedo set. (to keep matching fonts). I realize series 4 is +ground and 5 is -. I will be changing the 4 to - grnd. When i put the 1725 in my series 1...