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srs 3 gt

  1. Lolat324

    Mirror Location-'63 Srs 3 GT

    Okay, so I own my dads 63 Srs 3, GT. Back in the family after being lost for 27 years. When dad bot it, it didn't have a driver's side, a move to Riverside in 65 he added the mirror-not sure why, bet it was La traffic related. I'll ask him he's old but sharp. So the Talbot mirror is currently...
  2. Lolat324

    Tank alignment

    Hello all, during it's absence from my family ( sold by the original owner, my dad, in 1977, found and brought home by me, in 2017) , my 63 Srs 3 Gt had it two tanks removed and restored. Upon re-installation two issues though they are likely related. First there is a gas smell, that when the...