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  1. L

    Temperature sender - where are you?

    Sorry for the dumb question - it's not the first time for me - but where is the under-hood temperature sending unit supposed to be located in a 62 MKII? I think the PO of my car disconnected and capped - the temp gauge wires are cut and I can't find where he capped it off.
  2. P

    Flashers - Gauges

    OK so a new issue. Flashers stopped working, both directions. When I put the right flasher on, it doesn't work but the temperature gauge and fuel gauge both go t0 zero. If I shut down and restart, the gauges work, try the right flasher (still doesn't work) and the gauges go to zero again...
  3. Silver Creek Sunbeam

    Tachometer - Electronic Conversion

    I'm looking for input on procedure (in general) and parts/kit sources for converting my original Series V Tachometer to electronic. I would also be interested in hearing of any negative effects (if any) to doing the conversion. I searched the forum and the only posts I saw were one from 2017...
  4. F

    Alpine Tachometer

    Hi guys. Anyone have a known good Alpine Series 4 tachometer for sale or trade. Driver quality. 2nd choice would be a Series 5 tach and speedo set. (to keep matching fonts). I realize series 4 is +ground and 5 is -. I will be changing the 4 to - grnd. When i put the 1725 in my series 1...