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2.8 v6 in an alpine

  1. DanR

    Flywheels/Pressure Plates/Clutch Disc

    Guys I have tried to figure a way to keep some of the difficult parts for the V6 available since I began dealing with the Conversion for the Alpine. A company in the USA has agreed to be creative and build some of the components we need, namely the items in the "Subject By-Line" above. The...
  2. DanR

    From start to Finish - Straight back Headers - almost 6 years

    This was started as a POST to Jim and Bob on another section of our FORUM. Not being to the subject it is moved to here: You Guys (Jim our PRESIDENT & Bob 65beam) are fast! Over a three year period, three different shops had my '65 SIV GT more than six months each while supposedly building my...
  3. DanR

    Converting your Alpine to V6 FORD (Cologne)

    Here is the Documentation I have put together for you Guys and Gals wanting to convert your Alpine 4 cylinder to V6. It is not a complete list of parts or methods but a far cry from what was available when I and many others started. If you see something you like or dislike or want to suggest...
  4. DanR

    V6 Heads

    Here is a question put to me yesterday! Do any of you have an answer? I do know the 2.8 heads are becoming more scarce or so it seems. If heads are used other than the 2.8 Siamese designed ports the headers will need to be developed for them in an Alpine. Looking forward to ideas...
  5. Radiator Modification for 2.8 V6

    Radiator Modification for 2.8 V6

    Recommend angle top left 10 degrees toward center of engine. Plug bottom right connection, add 90 degree elbow under the tank pointing back to LHside. Cut Gates 22080 to fit, No hassle!
  6. Radiator Modification for 2.8 V6

    Radiator Modification for 2.8 V6

    This is showing how the Gates 22080 hose can be fitted to the 90 degree elbow under the bottom right of the radiator tank as recommended by DanR
  7. Radiator Modification for 2.8 V6

    Radiator Modification for 2.8 V6

    Pictured are two Ofy 4 bbl water outlets. I modified the water neck turned to the left. Recent discovery of a Gates 21341 Hose helps either water neck work for the left hand radiator hose connection I recommend.