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IMG_1926 (1)

IMG_1926 (1)

Rear entry 22' x 24' with bathroom and heat-pump to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. This was taken before it was finished, and there is a privacy fence with a sliding lockable gate across this opening.
It is 22' x 24' with a heat-pump, bathroom, exhaust fan at the back of the open bay side, LED lighting and a sliding rear gate that locks.
Love it! Very nice, good job.
So maybe I am coming in late. Was this a kit you purchased or something you built from scratch? Permit "challenges"? Asking because I need this but with two bays (actually three but not enough in-town backyard). And maybe not a restroom (wife still allows me in her house) but heat/AC (mini-split?) and a beer fridge a must. Anyone know a contractor in Atlanta? Thanks again
Jeb, this was a contract job with one guy doing concrete work (22 x 24 with bath plumbing in the slab) and a second doing the building. I had to furnish the Heat-Pump (1.5 ton mini-split), the LED lights, exhaust fan for the main work area, all cabinets (I hung) and exterior lights. They furnished the electrical contractor and YES the permits can be a big challenge! The wall next to the fence had to be Hardie board for a firewall, and I had to dig up the sewer line (paid plumber) because it was flat...not slanted for drainage enough. That was an extra 3 grand, then the building contractor did not finish the doors so I bought the insulated (west facing) overhead, had to build the sliding gate myself and generally got the royal shaft! The "Turn-Key" $30,000.00 with heat & air, lights, paved drive, finished bath, sheetrock and painted inside and out, turned into $35,000.00 plus the $3,000.00 for the plumber. After it was done I learned the contractor stiffed the plumber for the bath work and the electrician for about $5,000.00. That power line is for 200 amp service so I can use my 7HP 60 gallon compressor and 225 Amp Lincoln welder. The contractor forgot to include that...and I refused to pay because I emphasized that during the first meeting. Last I heard he is a SOB, a liar, a cheat, his feet stink and he doesn't believe in Santa Clause! Like you I don't have much room. I'll try to find a pic of the yard...what there is.

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