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Tiger Gallery

Media comments

  • IMG_0907.jpeg
    Nice looking car !
    Oh, wait that's mine.
  • Harland sharp roller rockers
    This is really great!
  • IMG_6184.jpeg
    14" VTO wheels on series 3?
    MSW wheels. Yes, series 3
  • Hdtop
    John, Radford Spares in the UK fabricates numerous parts for the Hard top.

    I have made contact several times with them, but they respond back, "don't ship to the USA".

    Perhaps you can have better results! If you are any body has a solution or perhaps one of our fellow Sunbeam Brothers from...
  • B94103819 2019-03-18 17.05.12-1.jpg
    The hardtop has been reworked and getting the POR15 treatment like all of my other metal parts/pieces. Not sure yet, but probably will paint a white or silver colour to offset the Maroon (Colour code 70).

    As usual finding a good shop to spray the body and all of the misc stuff is getting more...

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