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Recent content by Michael Carter

  1. Michael Carter

    Series 2 Oil Filter Canister

    Does anyone have a better photo of this oil filter canister label? It’s for a Series 2 Alpine that I’m hoping to have a label recreated. Unless I’m lucky enough to find a label.
  2. Michael Carter

    Wire Wheel Hubs

    I have a set, front and back, of wire wheel hubs for the early series of Alpines. I bought them used when I first started the restoration of my series 2. I wasn’t sure if I’d go with steel wheels or wire. I decided to go with the steel wheels. I now have these available, I don’t know if...
  3. Michael Carter

    Rear Axle Hub

    I’m looking for a rear axle hub for a series 2 Alpine. I need the type with the 4 studs for steel wheels. Thanks
  4. Michael Carter

    Early heater air control.

    The original control from Moss has the cable actuator clocked 180 degrees from where it’s needed for the Sunbeams. It also uses the barrel and set screw to hold the center part of the cable vs the post the Sunbeam had. I pressed the center pivot out, drilled a couple of holes in the...
  5. Michael Carter

    Early heater air control.

    Hey Eric, I’ll write up a description with photos in the next day or two. The modifications took about 2 hours. It works great and returns the original function of the push/pull heater blower control.
  6. Michael Carter

    Early heater air control.

    I just purchased the control from Moss. I believe it was for a 1962 MG. Price with shipping was $63.58 It did require substantial modifications, but is a exact duplicate now.
  7. Michael Carter

    Wanted: Sunbeam Owners Club Badge

    Hey Eric, Many thanks for mailing the calendar, grill badge and other goodies. I’ve attached a pic of the badge mounted to the grill of my car. I’m not sure if it should be centered or off to one side. Any opinions? It can be easily moved. Thanks Again Mike
  8. Michael Carter

    2022 Club Calendar Monthly Car Articles

    Yes, Thank You for the nice compliments. My grandson is a little disappointed though. He wanted me to paint it Red with yellow flames instead of the original color, Lake Blue.
  9. Michael Carter

    2022 Club Calendar Monthly Car Articles

    The January Alpine is a 1962 Series II. It’s been in my wife’s family since 1980. Her dad picked it up from a cousin in Indiana with the intention of restoring it. It sat in his garage untouched until July of 2018 when I took it to restore it, with the help of my grandchildren. While it’s...
  10. Michael Carter

    Where are you buying new door edge, weatherstrip rubber?

    I installed weatherstrip from Rick today and it seems to seal ok. It is much easier to install backwards, however, after reading this post I removed it and I installed it correctly. I think.
  11. Michael Carter

    Series 2 Windscreen Pillar Seal

    Thanks All. The correct windshield seal can be purchased from MacGregor British Car Parts in Canada. SS referred me there. I used the frame to body seal from SS. http://macgregorukcarparts.com/
  12. Michael Carter

    Series 2 Windscreen Pillar Seal

    Does anyone have a Series 2 with the correct windscreen pillar seal. I believe it’s also called the A-post seal? I would really appreciate a couple of photos. I’m currently restoring a series 2 and there are no seals. I attached a couple of photos of the pillar in question. Thanks
  13. Michael Carter

    Series II Restoration

    Hello All, I just picked up a Series II project car. After brief inspection I know it’s missing the complete frame for the convertible top. I’m sure they’ll be other parts needed. Any ideas if I’ll have any luck finding one?, or if anyone has one for sale.