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Recent content by gordonra

  1. gordonra

    West Coast Invasion: LOOK!

  2. gordonra

    Craigslist Lake of the Ozarks - Ford WC T5 1993 - $300 (Crocker/Iberia)

    No affiliation: Seems like a good deal.... Ford WC T5 transmission 1993 - $300 (Crocker/Iberia) http://loz.craigslist.org/pts/5605353021.html
  3. gordonra

    V6 Motor and Trans help

    All, Regarding the V6 preferred transmission and the confusion that some have experienced: There is no single correct answer for which transmission because it is really a personal preference relating to your intended use of the Alpine after the conversion. The combination of tire size...
  4. gordonra

    Pertronix ignition and electronic fuel pump?

    When I still had the stock 4 cylinder, I replaced the points and coil with a Pertronix setup in my Series V. It was notably more reliable with the Pertronix, however I can't say that it was a great performer because everything else was worn out at the time. All in all I feel that it was very...
  5. gordonra

    Removing Rear Brake Drums

    Hi Mike, from the look of those front rotors, I'd suggest getting new ones unless there is enough meat there to have turned. Rich
  6. gordonra

    1977 2.8 V6 motor - Monroe Louisiana

    No affiliation: 1977 2.8 V6 - $300 Craigslist http://monroe.craigslist.org/pts/5554610733.html
  7. gordonra

    Saggy door

    I recall reading on the forum that you can also take the hinge off, close it, and smack it with a hammer (or pinch it in a vise) to cause the hinge to close closer to the A post. If you are close at the top of the B post, then I'd expect adjusting the top hinge might do the trick. Rich
  8. gordonra

    Mustang II with V6 - Omaha Craigslist $300

    No affiliation: Mustang II with V6 - Omaha Craigslist $300 http://omaha.craigslist.org/pts/5524210653.html
  9. gordonra

    Mustang II V6 - Boise craigslist

    No affiliation: http://boise.craigslist.org/cto/5586595047.html Mustang II - Whole car for $500 V6 motor for maybe $200 ???
  10. gordonra

    Happy Birthday

    I almost missed it... Happy Birthday Nick. Glad you've got the cars up there.... Now if you only had some tools..... :-) Rich
  11. gordonra

    SV Bumper

    Hi Mike, Mine is not the prettiest example, but I bought some stainless carriage head bolts, then buffed them to a good shine. Rich
  12. gordonra

    2.8 roller rockers, forged pistons

    If you look really close at the photo, they aren't even installed. There is no obvious way the plate could be bolted to the head because the plate doesn't have holes where the towers are located in a stock setup. In addition, the push rods aren't in place... they are off to one side. He he...
  13. gordonra

    More 2.8 stuff

    Thanks Chuck. I know it's missing a few things, but time is precious these days. I add bits now and then. Rich
  14. gordonra

    need harden woodruff keys

    Kelly Mathis did have some, but I'm unsure if he has any left. You might try dropping him anot email. Rich
  15. gordonra

    More 2.8 stuff

    2.8 Engine Parts - Huntsville: https://huntsville.craigslist.org/pts/5501535809.html