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Recent content by Charles Johns

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    Spare Tire

    Spare and gun are both emergency items that are rarely needed, but when needed it is usually not the best of situations. But I get the hint.
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    Spare Tire

    As a guy with lots of miles on specialty cars, a spare is seldom needed but can be a life-saver. We usually caravan when in a Street Rod and I have seen several tires with CUTS...especially on the sidewall. Green goo will not fix that. I'll admit it is rare but my wife travels with me, and...
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    Victoria British and NOT tinted.
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    Spare Tire

    I forgot, you have 15" and GINORMUS rotors. The Ford 14" wheel may fit...if fingers crossed.
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    Spare Tire

    Bill, the 165 x 65 - 14 I bought from some Chinese tire company fits the well on a 14" x 5" rim, and bolts to the OEM mount. The tire is about $50.00 delivered.
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    Bill, a lot of Street Rod guys use trunk bed liner near the muffler/heat areas but rubberized undercoating everywhere else for the sound deadening effect. Not sure if Bed spray does much deadening of sound, but a good layer of rubberized undercoating does. Remember the old Spatter Trunk Paint...
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    Auto transmission floor shifter

    Barry, so an Overdrive lockout like the button on the end of some Ford levers. Push in to engage or disengage the OD. Going down a steep grade is not good in OD for example.
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    Auto transmission floor shifter

    Okay Bill and Bill and 260, I had this all figured out...I thought, now I am not so sure. My tranny was built by an expert 4 years ago just before we sold the farm and moved, so it has been sitting. I explained to the guy what I wanted and he said he could do it with an early A4LD that used...
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    Auto transmission floor shifter

    Bill Eisinger, THANKS for the heads-up on the shifter. I am using an A4LD with a Push-on-push-off button to engage the torque converter lock-up. I was asked what happens if I forget to unlock the lock-up? I told him, the same thing that happens if you forget to push in on the clutch pedal with a...
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    DuraPine II

    Dan, "nerve" is not the half of it. He drives that thing all over the US. THAT is faith in ones work.
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    14" wheels that fit the Alpine 4 lug

    After mounting 175 x 70R - 14 and 185 x 70R - 14 to check clearance and tire size differences, this is what I found. The front smaller tires AS MOUNTED are 23 3/8" tall and 7" wide on the 5" rims. This is close to factory numbers but not exact. The rear bigger tires are 24" tall and 7 1/4" wide...
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    Series6, a picture is truly worth 10,000 words.
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    14" wheels that fit the Alpine 4 lug

    Not that lucky 65sunbeam. I am looking now but I do know Baby Moons are made that do fit.
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    14" wheels that fit the Alpine 4 lug

    These wheels can be seen on-line at Wheels Express Inc. The delivery slip says 14 x 5 size - 4 x 4.25 bolt pattern OEM Ford steel wheel (Nice condition No Pitting or Damage, Checked for Trueness) Fits Ford rear wheel (drive) cars.
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    Pictures relevant to recent posts

    Here are pictures of my second Alpine, the 14" x 5" steel wheels, and the spare mounted.