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B94103819    2019-03-18 17.05.12-1.jpg

B94103819 2019-03-18 17.05.12-1.jpg

PIC shows my SIVa in its original state after sitting more than 20 years.
It is an Alpine with minor rust (rocker/quarter panels)which I replaced.
Undercarriage, trunk and all but one front floor pans were perfect condition. The front floor pan (drivers side) has some small area that I patched.
The hardtop has been reworked and getting the POR15 treatment like all of my other metal parts/pieces. Not sure yet, but probably will paint a white or silver colour to offset the Maroon (Colour code 70).

As usual finding a good shop to spray the body and all of the misc stuff is getting more difficult. I do have a good one, they are busy, so it is in the "awaiting paint mode"....

It will be fitted with a new rebuilt 1725, mated to the original OD and run new wire wheels.

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